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Engine Repair

Engine services encompass a wide variety of repairs that may be needed to keep your vehicle running safely and smoothly. Trust Haller Complete Automotive Repair to perform engine repairs according to manufacturer specifications and standards. 

Symptoms that may indicate engine trouble:

Check Engine Light 

Poor Erratic Performance 

Won’t Start 


Oil Leaks 

The engine comprises most of the moving parts in your vehicle; accordingly there are many services that may be required to keep it operating properly.

Over the life of your car you might expect to have any or all of the following repairs:       

Major/Minor Tune-Up·      

Replace Timing Belt·      

Fuel System Testing·      

Engine Rebuild/Remanufacture·      

Remove & Replace Head Gasket·      

Intake Manifold and Gasket replacement

As with your own health, preventative maintenance and early detection of problems will often save on larger repairs. Consult your owner’s manual for Manufacturer Recommended Maintenance and keep up with those oil changes, brake inspections, tire rotations, fluid flushes, etc. These are like “regular check ups” with your family physician. They ensure the mechanic is familiar with your vehicle and has an opportunity to point out small problems before they become big problems that could leave you stranded on the side of the road or worse, endanger your safety.